From sunset beach barbecues, to off-the-cuff creative happenings, from a weekday surf before studying, to a weekend spent plundering vintage fairs and craft boutiques, Falmouth and Penryn have a unique vibe perfect for the creative and curious.

With a DIY mentality and a sense of creative freedom pulsing through the sister towns' cultural undercurrent, you'll find a buzzing bar scene, a vibrant mix of live gigs and a glut of events and performances on offer. All this set within a welcoming ocean-flanked town, where every street you walk down and pub you stop in you'll see someone you know.

Sound like your cup of tea? we'll don't just take our word for it. Here's what Falmouth's students have to say about living here...

Students by Falmouth Harbour Image of surfers Martin Creed, Work No 210, at Tate St Ives The Asylum from Kneehigh The Flaming Lips at Eden Sessions Port Eliot Festival Students by Falmouth Harbour Woodlane Campus Two Little Birds, Falmouth No 20 Wine Bar, Penryn Students by Falmouth Harbour Discovery Quay, Falmouth Band at the Fish Factory. Port Eliot Festival. Students enjoy the sunshine on Praa Sands beach. Students enjoying cycling along the Cornish lanes. Painting at the quay.
Student life: a film by Falmouth student ambassadors

Student life: a film by Falmouth student ambassadors

Falmouth really has a lot going on, with an inspiring creative scene, lots of music and events, and a beautiful surrounding coastline.

The Jacobs Ladder Inn, Falmouth

People here create their own social scene; from house parties to nights put on in disused fish factories, to bars which host art collectives and amazing pubs showcasing local bands. Students create a cultural buzz around the town; it's pretty special.

Sophie Glover
BA(Hons) Drawing

Glasney Student Village, Tremough Campus

Falmouth is a small town but it houses so many young and creative people. Therefore it is quite an unusual place; there is as much going on as in other student towns, but more condensed.

Emily Platzer
BA(Hons) Fine Art

Due to the fact that Falmouth is small, the students do tend to go to the same bars and get to know each other fairly quickly. Overall the students are very open and friendly.

Isabel Heubl
BA(Hons) 3D Design

Cornwall beach

An idyllic weekend in Falmouth is to go surfing in the morning, then spend the afternoon browsing the local shops and meeting friends for drinks in the local cafes. The freshers' fair at the beginning of the year always offers a wide range of societies for students to join so there's always something to do at the weekend.

Emma Ford
BA(Hons) Fine Art

Prussia Cove

I chose Falmouth because of the sea, and because of Cornwall's extraordinary light. The slower pace of life provided the time and the space to develop as an artist. Falmouth was an exciting, stimulating and at times challenging place, with a strong sense of community.

Julie Umerle
BA(Hons) Fine Art

It's the general lifestyle of Cornwall that really makes Falmouth stand out as a great place to study. The weather, location and atmosphere of the town are great. I always enjoy the annual events like the Oyster Festival and the Beer Festival.

Emma Ford
BA(Hons) Fine Art

I lived with film students, photographers, fine artists, illustrators and creative writers. It was great.

Loading Cafe, Falmouth

My favourite bar is Loading on Quay Street. They have new and old games to play on a huge TV, an arcade table, Ben and Jerry’s milkshakes and their own games-based cocktails and shooters. You get to choose the music too - it’s a great place to kick off a night or hang out with friends.

Aislinn Toye
BA(Hons) Graphic Design

Woodlane Campus

I loved the fact that I could walk around town and see someone I knew every few minutes, making me feel like part of a community.

Huda Aziz
BA(Hons) Graphic Design

Charlie Minnion

Charlie Minnion

Animation graduate Charlie Minnion on why Falmouth makes him tick...

Still from Submarine by Warp Films

Lucille Sutherland

BA(Hons) Film

2011 graduate Lucille now works as a development assistant at Warp Films


The student community at Falmouth is fantastic. I met a lot of interesting people from diverse courses and backgrounds and the possibilities for collaboration were endless. It was creatively inspiring and great for making contacts.

Tom Dymond
BA(Hons) Press & Editorial Photography

Jam Records, Falmouth

Living in town is brilliant because you're right in the heart of it. Falmouth really is a student town with loads of cafes and bars. The music scene is awesome, lots of different kinds of bands and DJs and everywhere you go you see people you know.  Plus you're right by the beach. What more could you want?

Nicole Gomes
BA(Hons) Fashion Photography

Students by Falmouth Harbour

I met my best friend at the welcome meeting on the Sunday, which I think is a great idea. I now live with three of the people I met that evening and they are all my closest friends. It’s easy to make friends if you take the time to do so.

Sammie Eidukas
BA(Hons) English

Tim Shaw, BA(Hons) Fine Art

Tim Shaw

BA(Hons) Fine Art

“A sculptor that can trounce the lot of them”, Tim’s work has won him accolades and awards worldwide

Image of Leong Darren Abriel

Leong Darren Abriel

BA(Hons) Creative Advertising

Leong graduated in 2011 and is now working at leading international advertising agency, Ogilvy

Video about the FXU Students' Union

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The Poly in Falmouth generally has something going on every evening, and is a really great place to go to watch new pieces of theatre, music acts, comedy nights or independent movies. They show a good variety of things, and with student discount it’s not expensive.

Jess Meyer
BA(Hons) Fine Art